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From: How to Care for Orchids Team

Wednesday, 11:27 a.m.

Dear Orchids Lover,

Most  people think that growing orchids are only for people with experience and who have a "green thumbs".   They are also under the impression that  orchids are very delicate, expensive and difficult plant to grow in any environment.

Common problems surrounding growing orchids is finding the best habitat to raise them.   Light, water, sun and food must readily be available to help your orchids thrive and prosper throughout the bloom.

Some species are born and bred in variety of places including Hawaii and Australia, two predominantly warmer climates.

 If you don’t have access to these climates there are variations available, that will still provide the beauty and excitement practically exclusive to growing orchids.  

Here are some problems that beginners are more than likely to encounter:

  • Not knowing how to care for orchids in different climate/environment.  
  • Not knowing how to get the maximum bloom and production of orchids they currently have in their backyard.  
  • Having a mentality of “one location fit all” regardless of  orchids type
  • Not knowing how much time and how costly it is to maintain these orchids.orchid types.
  • Not knowing whether they need to build a greenhouse and what size are more suitable for orchids.

I have grown orchids for the last 10 years and I know how difficult it is to find information or books that will provide  all the information needed to know what to do and how to care for orchids. 

Meanwhile not having all these information is very frustrating, orchids will tend to have a shorter life span or  they will only produce flowers once then they die or never bloom again.  

I can relate to your frustration  because I come across with the same  problem myself when I first started to grow orchids.

I did not realize that there are specific information that  is very critical before trying to grow any type of orchids.

So all this research got me thinking... If I'm this frustrated, after spending 10 years with time consuming effort and  costly mistakes trying to have a system that produce beautiful and healthy orchids, how frustrated are YOU?

The average orchids lover doesn't have the time (or the cash) to deal with problems like these. And you don't want the SAME information materials available in the market that does not  provide all the information required!

You want two things:

  • A "Comprehensive orchids material" that only a handful of professional orchids lovers are using  that almost GUARANTEE the success of every orchids you grow and enjoy its beautiful flowers for a long time!

  • The "all-in-one" solution to most common problems that is inexpensive but got all critical information you need.  You do NOT need  to have a "green thumb" to produce great result!

... Both of which are perfectly reasonable demands!

There are some books and articles available but they are not as comprehensive.  Buying  all these materials separately is very costly.

So I decided that, since it took me 10 years to find a great book that has all the information and step by step process that is easy to follow ... for my own personal, AND to offer to all orchids lover's who've been experiencing these exact same frustrations.

I realized that there are so many people out there that really like to grow orchids but too scared to have a go at it because of these unknown barriers.  I decided to produce one that are comprehensive, easy to read and colorful enough to get you to read it in one seating.

I thought that it would be nice to  spread this good information around to orchids lovers like myself because I get more enjoyment out of it, knowing that there will be more orchids to see and we all benefits as a group.

Here’s Just a SMALL Sampling of What You’ll Discover In This newly release ebook…

  • Want to know the unusual biology of each orchids in the collections, its natural habitat and preferred climate?
  • Discover the crucial life-giving minerals your orchid needs to survive. 
  • Got Pests? Diseases? Spotted Flowers? This might be the "silent killer" you're facing however with this new release ebook, you got the required information to manage these problems.
  • Beginners? You will discover the perfect orchids for you. 
  • Don't even think of trying  to grow this orchids if you're just starting out.
  • Want housing recommendation? here's a list for your most popular orchids collections.
  •  Many beginners make this costly error.
  • Lath house vs green house large or small - find out which is best for YOU
  • Want to recognize and identify different orchids family/groups? This ebook has numerous amazing colorful photos and information.
  • There are many "orchid killers". Even though it's almost impossible to stop it from appearing -  You've got to learn the proper treatment that keeps your orchids happy and healthy
  • Want maximum production and bloom? Critical elements you need to know and manage.
  • Know why orchids produce seed? Identify female/male part of the flower?

This book is very comprehensive and you definitely get a very good value for your money.

All information you need to grow orchid at any location and you can’t get it anywhere.  If you were going to try to find the same information elsewhere, it would take several volumes of different books and you still probably wouldn’t have every information required.

That would easily set you back hundreds. However, this entire resource guide, conveniently available for you for only $28.97.

But wait – there’s still more, because you’ll also get…

2 Free Bonuses for Ordering By 30th Monday, June 2008 

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following:

FREE BONUS #1: "The Top Ten Orchids for beginners" ($20.00 value)
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Your 60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee:

Of course, you don't have to decide now if this product is for you. Instead, grab our risk-free offer, order “Insider's Secrets on How to Care for Orchids” now and use these proven methods on your orchids for 60 days.  I promise this information is unlike anything you’ll find they are either too boring to read or not enough information to assist you with caring and growing your orchids.

Protection #1

If you're not absolutely thrilled, e-mail me within 60 days for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.

I literally take ALL of the risk for you because that's how much I believe in this system.
So you got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Go ahead and grab this invaluable resource that beginner and expert orchid growers alike are now turning to when they’re baffled. And pretty soon, your friends and fellow orchid-lovers will think you’re an expert and start asking for YOUR advice! 


How to Care for Orchids Team          


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